Lovely Lakeside


I spent my weekend kayaking on calm waters, swimming on the shoreline, getting lost in good books, & enjoying the lovely lakeside… After such a long and intense week of training, camping was exactly what I needed to refresh my mind & body before another busy week starts. The summer clock is ticking away fast, and I only have a few more weeks before “busy” takes on a whole other meaning.

*I am trying to enjoy it while I can, because it is not going to last much longer! I hope all of my readers are having a great summer! Thanks for reading. πŸ™‚


Author: Maysa Rose

I am a seventeen year old professional trainee ballet dancer who is currently pursuing a marketing degree at the local college as a dual enrolled student. Outside of dance and school, I really enjoy writing, archery, traveling, music, photography, as well as spending time with friends and family. My blog is about as random as it can possibly get, so I hope that you stop by and find something that interests you!

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  1. A wonderful way to spend summer days. I have just been deep in the Welsh countryside by river and waterfall enjoying the lazy hazy days of summer. By the way a very unusual summer for us in the UK – so much sunshine. Continue to relax and enjoy your summer. Janet πŸ™‚

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