The Buck Target


My sister and I got a rubber buck target from our parents this Christmas, and we have had so much fun strengthening our archery skills (and arm muscles) these past couple of days. I really love our new target because it is so much more exciting than the paper targets that we had used in the past. However, this is the closest I will ever get to a buck with my bow because I think killing a real animal would be too emotionally hard for me. Fishing doesn’t bother me, but I have absolutely no doubt that hunting big game would. Maybe this will change in the future, but I will only use targets for now.

Have you been hunting before? Do you enjoy archery? I hope that you all had an amazing Christmas!


6 thoughts on “The Buck Target

  1. Oooh, fun! While I do have a bow and enjoy archery, I don’t think I’m strong enough to hunt with a bow, so when I hunt with my dad, I generally use a .12 gauge. (not that I’ve ever actually gotten anything, usually my dad takes the first shot, lol) It’s cool to know there are other archers on the blogiverse!


  2. I’ve never been hunting before. It would take a lot emotionally for me to hunt, but I’d do it if I had to (like if it were the zombie apocalypse lol). I am rubbish at archery. I thought I’d be good because of my shooting skills, but they are nothing alike – at least, I didn’t think they were. =)

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    1. Yeah, archery is quite different!! I would absolutely hunt if I had to as well, or if it was the only option for my family to get food on the table. It would be quite neccessary to defend myself during a zombie apocalypse too, lol. It’s good to know that someone else would struggle emotionally as well. Thanks for your comment!


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