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Backstage Secrets

Pas de deux

The house lights start to dim, and hushed voices lead into silence. The orchestra begins to play the first few notes as the curtain rises. The show has begun. Audience members witness the artists’ story, but the other side of the stage remains hidden from them. Behind the backdrop, beyond the Marley floors, and in the depths of the wings lays an unknown world filled with secrets that only dancers share… until today. I have selected my top 6. Enjoy!

Toothbrush Trick: Believe it or not, I blend my hair together with a toothbrush before shows to to remove the dreaded streaks from a wide toothed brush/comb. Gel and hairspray makes hair stick together, so this trick is lifesaving. I have a specific toothbrush dedicated for this purpose, and it has never been used in my mouth. I thought I should clarify.

Calamine: We always have to apply a light layer of calamine onto our new pointe shoes before a performance so they don’t reflect the bright stage lights. Most directors would agree that shiny shoes can be very distracting.

Butt Glue: It isn’t ballet related (DO NOT use this with tights), but this is crucial for contemporary/modern shows when we are only wearing a leotard. We put a line of butt glue on the edge of our leotard so that it doesn’t move onstage. Trust me, it has spared us from countless wedgies. Enough said.

Securing Ribbon: It is practically impossible to tie all of the pointe shoe ribbon around ankles, so the remaining ribbon is tucked in under the knot. However, they occasionally fall out, so we always have to sew them to the top layer with a few stitches with thick thread (dental floss works too).

Weird Words: This was actually my idea, and a few of my fellow dancers still think this is a bit odd… During a long corps de ballet section, we are continuously going on and offstage, and it can be intimidating to run offstage with ten seconds to remember which part of the dance comes next. I create weird words or letters so that I don’t blank out in the wings before my next enterance. I still remember the Friends dance of Copellia was “SAP D-G.” The first time I went offstage, I came back on with my Solo… ran offstage for a few seconds and waited for the Adagio section to begin. I continued to go through SAP D-G until the end of the dance!

Rosin: We often coat the back of our heels with rosin so that our pointe shoes don’t slip off of our feet if they feel loose.

Thanks for reading! Did some of these things surprise you? What are some of YOUR backstage secrets?


13 thoughts on “Backstage Secrets

  1. I’m a dancer, so I know a lot of backstage hacks and secrets, but several of these I had never heard of! I really liked this post, you should do a sequel 🙂 One of my favorite backstage tricks is to lay a tissue over your mouth just after putting on lipstick, then brushing translucent setting powder over it. Remove the tissue, and your lipstick stays put for the whole show!

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  2. Loved this! I do the calamine trick too! It’s also really helpful to cover up any marks you might have got on your point shoes (i.e the stain of the raspberry I have no recollection of standing on). I love the weird word idea, I’ll definitely start doing that!

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    1. Great! I am glad that some of these tricks were helpful, and I hope you have fun making weird words. Oh no! Do you think lipstick got on it? Calamine definitely comes in handy for that. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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  3. “DO NOT use this with tights…” I laughed so hard when I saw this. Thank you for that. May I use it one day in a poem? It is worthy, no doubt.


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