Sounds of Spring 2019


Spring has officially arrived, and the weather has been absolutely gorgeous for the past few days! I have been fully embracing the bright blue skies as I cruise down these roads. My hair blows in the wind, and my questionable singing skills are revealed as I occasionally catch a few glances at stoplights. I know this weather will soon become replaced by the annual storms that whip through the area, so I am going to enjoy every single moment of it. I thought I would share a few songs that I have recently added to my spring playlist for 2019, so I hope you enjoy!

  • The Middle by Jimmy Eat World
  • Ridin’ Roads by Dustin Lynch
  • If Everyone Cared by Nickelback
  • Cough Syrup by Young The Giant
  • Slow Fade by Ruth B.
  • Amsterdam by Imagine Dragons

What have you been listening to lately? Are you familiar with any of these artists or songs? Happy Spring!!!


Author: Maysa Rose

I am a seventeen year old professional trainee ballet dancer who is currently pursuing a marketing degree at the local college as a dual enrolled student. Outside of dance and school, I really enjoy writing, archery, traveling, music, photography, as well as spending time with friends and family. My blog is about as random as it can possibly get, so I hope that you stop by and find something that interests you!

11 thoughts on “Sounds of Spring 2019”

    1. Wow, that is awesome! I am glad that you enjoyed this post, and it is so neat that you recognized all of these artists. They are all very talented, and I love them as well. 🙂

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    1. Thanks!
      Ahh really?? That is so cool! I am absolutely obsessed with Imagine Dragons, and I love messing around on their albums especially “Origins.” They are one of my favorite bands, and Jimmy Eat World has great songs as well. I am glad that you enjoyed this playlist, Mackenzie!

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  1. I don’t know any of these artists 😦
    Spring is here! It’s so pretty and I’m loving the blue sky and waiting for the trees to be covered in green once again….
    Happy weekend!
    Love, light and glitter

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    1. I am sorry that you didn’t recognize any of these artists, Eliza! Hopefully, you were able to listen to these songs and discover something new. 🙂
      I know right! Spring IS here, and I am absolutely loving it (minus the pollen.) I hope you have a great weekend, and thank you so much for reading my blog!

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