Lost in Space

Space Center

I spent the past few days lost in space as visions of nebulas sent me swirling through the great unknown. I was reminded how insignificant I truly am as I attempted to comprehend the vastness of our world beyond the night sky. I walked underneath massive rockets, went through a black hole simulator, and toured a realistic model of the International Space Station. NASA has always intrigued me, but the US Space & Rocket Center allowed me to appreciate our universe even greater than before.


I am so fortunate to have camped in the mountains and explored this museum with such great people because we made memories that will certainly last a lifetime. Friends and family gathered around the fire, laughing, talking, and playing games underneath the stars. Now, it is time to face reality again as spring break comes to a close, but I will never forget the weekend that I was lost in space…

What did you do over spring break? Have you visited this museum before? Are you interested in astronomy too?


10 thoughts on “Lost in Space

  1. Dear Maysa
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and words, dear friend 🙂
    Yes, I am also interested in astronomy. I also have a telescope to watch planets and the moon. This has always fascinated me and I feel very small when I look at the night sky seeing all those sparkling diamonds which are so far away. When we take all the single gravels from all beaches around the world then it is even not enough in comparison to the vast amount of suns and planets existing. We are just a tiny part of an atom…
    All the best, dear friend

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    1. I had such a great time, so I highly reccomend it. The museum is huge, and we didnt even get to see the whole thing after spending an entire day there! When you visit, you might want to spend two days there unless you are pretty fast. 🙂 I’m glad you liked this!

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  2. yoh are very beautiful…
    Dont go near by Nasa .. all satleite will fail because they cant move their sight from you.. you are so neautiful


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