Dance Diary

Behind the Curtain


13 hours in the theater. 6 quick changes. 3 performances. 2 dress rehearsals. All in 1 busy day.

I glanced at the bruises forming on my feet, and my body was overcome with a state of pure exhaustion. It was my eleventh hour in the theater, and I stood behind the curtain listening to the constant murmur of the crowd as they made their way to their seats. The final show of “The Little Mermaid” was about to begin, and I was minutes away from tackling another ballet with the very little energy that I had left. It is expected that every performance has the same quality, and the audience deserves the same experience every show because tickets all cost the same. This is where it gets challenging and stressful for us, dancers. At the end of the day, fatigue and aching muscles must be concealed by bubbly smiles and seemingly effortless movements which is extremely difficult. I don’t think the audience ever truly realizes what actually goes on backstage, and the beauty of this art form can be very deceiving by the graceful image that we portray.


All in all, it was great to be back in the theater, but I think ballet officially kicked my butt.

What did you do this weekend? Have you had any performances recently? Are you ready for summer?


15 thoughts on “Behind the Curtain

  1. Ouch! Take care of those bruises! (Epsom salts and ice packs help a lot) I’ve always wanted to perform in The Little Mermaid, but my studio leans more toward classical ballets. Maybe as an outreach program, though…
    This weekend I auditioned for my ballet studio’s dance company, which honestly went pretty well. Although I spent so much time prepping for the ballet portion of the audition that I totally forgot about the modern dance bit, and was totally unprepared (I’ve never even taken modern, lol).

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    1. Thanks so much, Natalie! I hope you get the chance to dance in this ballet someday too, and that is awesome that your audition went well! Modern definitely takes time/practice to master, but I am sure that you did fabulous. I, personally, really enjoy modern, but it is quite different than ballet. I hope you have fun exploring this new style, and I honestly think you will love it when it becomes more familiar to you. Good luck!

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  2. It is amazing how a dancer can bring beauty to the human form. Being an athlete in a former life (nothing special), I know how hours of perfecting one’s craft can lead to wonderful performances. Thanks for sharing your dancing journey Maysa.

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    1. It is definitely not easy, but it is great to know that our work is appreciated by so many people. The joy that the performances create for the audience is so rewarding, and it makes it all worth it. I am glad that I am able to share my journey through writing, and I am so thankful to have such supportive readers like you. 🙂 It is my pleasure, and thanks!

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  3. Ballet has to be one of the most beautiful forms of dance- I have a friend from home who is a ballerina and just hearing all the hard work that goes into it and the physical demands is mind boggling!! SO amazing!! Thanks for sharing your art with us, Maysa!

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