Eccentric Movements


The audience sat intrigued as we created eccentric movements one dance at a time, and we slid barefoot across the floor embracing the freedom in our blistered toes. It was a night of contemporary, and the stories left people deep in thought as they attempted to interpret the ambiguous shapes. I had the opportunity to choreograph my own contemporary solo this year, and I felt so powerful as I brought “On The Edge” to the stage for the very first time. Halsey’s song, “Castle,” echoed throughout the theater as my legs and arms intertwined to match the vocal cues.

I felt like I attacked the steps with so much power during the onstage rehearsal, but a migraine took over when people actually filled the seats that night. I pushed through all of my dances, not allowing it to alter my performance, but I am upset that I couldn’t truly enjoy myself. Overall, I am so happy with how the choreography turned out, and it is definitely one of my favorite dances that I have ever pieced together. Halsey was my true inspiration, and her song really generated the intensity that I wanted. I hope that I have the chance to perform it again in the future…


What are your thoughts on this song? Do you enjoy the contemporary style of dance? Can you relate to getting a migraine at the worst possible time?


7 thoughts on “Eccentric Movements

  1. What a phenomenal song to dance to– I love Halsey too! I would have loved to see you perform it live- I bet you did an amazing job (I’m sure no one in the audience could tell you were feeling off!).

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    1. Isn’t it awesome?! I came across that song one day, and I just knew that I had to dance to it. I had an instant connection with the beat, and the choreography almost seemed to come naturally. It also is a great message, so I am glad that I could share! Halsey is so good, and it’s cool that you love her songs too! Thank you so much; that is so sweet! 🙂

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