Let’s Talk: Q&A


Hi guys! I don’t think I have ever done a post like this before, but I have seen other bloggers do it and wanted to give it a try…

This post is intended to allow you (readers) to voice your questions, feedback, suggestions, post requests, or anything else you might want to share in the comments below. If I get enough questions, I will dedicate an entire post filled with the answers and recognize the names of the inquirers. Even if you just want to say ‘hi,’ I would love to hear from you!

Let’s talk. The comments are open! Ask away!

*Please note: I will only answer the questions that I am comfortable answering, so I wont respond to the ones that invade my personal privacy/safety. Thanks for understanding!

3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Q&A

  1. I’ll start!

    Favorite ballet curriculum?
    Favorite barre combination?
    Favorite center step/combination?
    Petit allegro, grand allegro or adagio?
    Favorite ballet?
    Favorite theater/theatre?

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    1. Unfortunately, I did not have enough people asking questions to write an entire blog post on answers, so I think I am going to go ahead and answer yours here:

      *I really enjoy watching/doing Balanchine, but I have been trained with the ABT curriculum.
      *I think my favorite combination at barre is ronde jamb because I can really use my artistry, and I have more freedom with my port de bras and head.
      *My favorite center step is definitely an Italian pas de chat!
      *Petit allegro has always been my strong suit. On the other hand, I have always struggled to get my legs really high in adagio.
      *Oh goodness, that is really hard. I have seen a lot of ballets that I really love, but I think I have to say Swan Lake is my ultimate favorite because the corps de ballet blows me away every time.
      *The Metropolitan Opera House is my favorite theater that I have ever been in.

      Thank you so much for participating, and I loved answering your questions!! 🙂


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