It’s been awhile

Apple orchard


It’s been awhile.

How have you guys been? I know this isn’t the first (unintended) hiatus that I have taken this semester, and it probably wont be the last if I’m honest. However, I really hope that you guys stick around because I am not abandoning the blog! Life has just been quite crazy lately…

I have spent more hours in the school library than I can even count, and chemistry is definitely proving to be an “adventure.” I like all of my classes and professors a lot, but the work load/studying is much more intense and time consuming than previous semesters. I also took my SAT this morning, and I am beginning to narrow down universities that I want to apply/transfer into. I am really anticipating the score because it was my first time, and I really wonder where I will end up… On the other hand,Β I forgot to tell you guys that the college, where I am currently dual-enrolled, has selected me into The National Society of Leadership and Success!! I am incredibly honored to be a member of this reputable program, and I am so humbled for the opportunity.

Lastly, The Nutcracker will be brought to the theater in one month, so that is quite nerve-wracking. Rehearsals are well underway, but there is still a lot of work that has to be done! I will be sure to keep you all posted, and I hope that you are doing well. Also, an October playlist will be released very soon, so keep an eye out for that…

What have you been up to? How are your classes going so far? Are you a member of the NSLS? Are you planning on watching or dancing in The Nutcracker this season? Thank you for reading this super long post if you are still there!

*Photo: Flashback to last year’s family trip up to the apple orchard.


15 thoughts on “It’s been awhile

  1. Always nice to read your blog! Congrats to the NSLS. I’m not in it but congrats! And a big hurrah to Nutcracker! I would love to be in a Nutcracker but our college dance doesn’t do it and our studio is small so we don’t have the numbers to pull one off (I teach there but I’d love to choreograph for it). Classes are going well for me and though I haven’t gone to many ballet classes, I have a lead in a ballet number in our college show so I’m happy about that. And tired from my security job yesterday (big college football game). haha.

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    1. Thank you so much, and congrats on your lead role; that is super exciting!! Is your performance coming up soon?
      I am sure that is a big relief to retire from that security position because didn’t you say you were having a hard time with your plantar fasciitis? I am also glad that your classes are going well, and it is so nice to hear from you. πŸ™‚

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      1. Oh, no, I actually still work there. I was just tired from it when I was typing.

        I actually just got off the job and got home. I worked an Air Show from 7am-4pm and then Oktoberfest from 6pm-11pm. I came home and took a shower and naturally, I’m wide awake now. lol.

        Also, thank you! I always enjoy hearing from you through your blogs and comments as well. πŸ™‚

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