To Perform…


Some performances are an incredible blessing to be apart of, and you soak up each ray of the bright shining lights. You feel the music guide your body, as you move the audience with your emotion and presence. Then, the curtain goes down, and your work is complete; you feel a faint tear roll down your cheek, as you dread the thought of the theater doors closing…

Other times, the choreography ravages your brain and the stress becomes intolerable. You overthink the counts and movements so much that everything feels uneasy and unnatural. At that point, you are looking forward to watching that curtain go down so that you can finally wipe the sweat off of your brow and collapse on the dance-beaten stage…

-Each individual performance brings it’s own journey and it’s own challenges. It is simply how you handle those challenges, that define the experience that you will have… ENJOY IT!! You have rehearsed. You have prepared. You are ready. You may not feel completely confident, but trust GOD and PERFORM. Show the audience, why you dance. 

(Note to self before the festival this weekend. Wish me luck!)

Holding on…


Determined to keep going,

But my legs aching and fingers slowly slipping,

I couldn’t hold myself up much longer.

I slipped,

And slammed into the wall,

Until my feet hit the ground again,

Back to where I started,

“I can’t do this! I’m too weak!”

“No, no! I have to try again!”

I chalked up my hands,

Quickly gripped on,

And began climbing,

Before I had the chance to change my mind.

You see,

Sometimes all it needs is one go,

Others, multiple hits and falls,

It’s not always easy to reach the top,

But you’ve got to realise in order to succeed,

You’ve got to let go of the belief of not being good enough,

Or simply not being capable.

You’ve got to be willing to fail once,

Or twice,

Or even more,

And acknowledge the achievement that has been made,

Even if you only managed to get…

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He is not here, for He has risen!

~Matthew 28:6

Happy Easter to ALL of my fantastic readers and followers!!!! Wishing every single one of you a glorious day!! 🙂

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Important Updates!!!

It has been an incredibly busy week, and so much has happened since my previous post on Monday. I have decided to list a few important updates that you may want to know about before we finish this exciting season…

*First off, I just found out that I have been selected to take part of “The College Project” that will be performed in three weeks. A dance major came to our studio to audition dancers for her school choreography project, and I am so thankful to announce that I was once of the five chosen for this piece… 🙂

*Secondly, I was asked a few days ago if I could fill-in for an injured dancer in an upcoming showcase. I happily accepted the offer, and I greatly appreciated the choreographers trust in me to learn the dance on such short notice.

*Lastly, we finally finished our corps de ballet dance that will be performed in a festival this upcoming weekend. Our in-theater rehearsal is on Thursday, so check back for exciting updates and photos!!

Footprints of Time


Do you ever wish that you could redo a memory and re-experience what you had done before? The happiness. Joy. Childhood. Amusement. Love. Lessons? I was looking through some old photos, and I felt a few waves of longing that made me want to reverse the clock… Then I thought, “it will never be April 8, 2017 again… It will become April 8, 2018- later April 8, 2019; but never APRIL EIGHTH, TWO THOUSAND SEVENTEEN again… Today is independent and the only TODAY that will ever exist…’

Each day is simply just a footprint of time that gets washed away by the ocean of memories that surround our hearts. The ocean is a place where all of our memories are gathered together in the dream-like sea of wonder and beauty… Among it, are the footprints in the sand of time that are placed by people daily. Each tick of the clock, a wave comes to the shore and carries away the memories in the midst of the tide. Once that clock washes away the memory, you cannot get it back. You can only create new footprints and place a new memory in the sea of dreams…

Live today strong and make every small decision count. Remember, you are adding to the footprints of time…

(*Photo taken by me)

Spring Poetry


Soft breeze blows as the

Pleasant sounds surround me and

Renew my spirits from the

Impact of daily stress. Enjoying

Nature is what I adore.

Gentle spring, always blessing more.

~Sharing some spring poetry this morning… I hope you enjoyed my acrostic!