Long Lasted Friendships


Just the other day, I went with my best friend to go see a ballet performance. We use to dance at the same studio and we would always do birthday parties, and sleepovers. Our friendship was so close, that I was heartbroken when I had to change studios. It was very hard to keep in close touch because our school and dance schedules were both so crazy that it almost seemed impossible to hang out. I was so happy that I finally got to see her again! Seeing someone in person is very different than emailing! 🙂 Friendships are such an important part of life, and without them, life wouldn’t be as easy or as enjoyable. Friendships take time and effort and they are not always easy, but remember to always make time for family and friends.Life would be very difficult and lonely without them!


Keep Stretching!


Just because you are given a summer vacation, does not mean that you should stop stretching! Do you remember how hard it was to get those splits? They can disappear in a blink of an eye if you don’t keep stretching and working for them. This is where a lot of dancers run into trouble, they stop stretching in the summer time because they are “tired,” or they “forgot” because they were “too busy.” I have to admit, stretching is not fun, but excuses are not the answer… You see, if you don’t keep stretching, you would have to start working for your splits all over again because you would have lost them. In conclusion, always stretch lightly every night to keep the flexibility that you have earned throughout the year. It will be worth it one day, believe me. 🙂

Take Corrections


In the dance world and in the work world, you are probably going to make a lot of mistakes and get corrected quite a bit. A lot of people get upset when they hear “no,” because they are embarrassed and don’t really like to be corrected in front of large groups of people. Throughout my years of dance, I have learned to take the correction and work on fixing it more than worry about what others think of it. Lets face it, half of the time, the other people around you are making the same mistake! It is important to not take corrections personally because if an instructor is taking time to correct you, that means that they have faith in you and believe that you will become very successful, so when you get a correction, you should be proud! Instead of frowning when you make a mistake, put a smile on your face!  Think about it this way, if you were never corrected, you would never know you were doing something wrong! Corrections are the stepping stones to success, without them, you can’t go anywhere.



It is about the time of year to start registering for dance classes for next season. I just wanted to encourage you to try new styles and new types of dance. Even though ballet is my top priority, last year I registered for tap and lyrical. To be honest, I never thought that I would like tap as much as I do! Tap is so much fun, and I love the beats that you can create with your feet! Even if you try something and want to stop, that’s ok! It is just good to get creative and try new types of things, because if you never try it, you will never know if you like it or not! This year I am going to try modern, and contemporary. I am also going to keep lyrical and tap, because I really enjoyed doing them last year. Take risks, try new things, and remember to always have fun!

Summer is almost here!

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The weather is getting warmer and school is almost out.  It is crazy that an entire school year has passed by so quickly, and it is only a week before summer break! Goodbye winter, Hello summer! 😀

Slow Down!


Just the other day, I took a ballet class that was three levels below me. I wanted to just take a slow class to focus on technique, posture, and the movement of my arms and legs. Believe it or not, I actually felt that this class was quite difficult! Going back a few levels every once and awhile really helps improve your dancing because you are able to focus on your movements rather than the speed. Because of this, you are able to engage your muscles and really focus on turn-out and other major corrections that you have been given. Don’t ever think that you are “too advanced” for a level, because every level (if done correctly) is just as hard as the other. Don’t be afraid to go back and review some of the basics, you will be glad that you did. 🙂



You might not realize it, but someone is always looking up to you. You are inspiring someone each and everyday! It might be someone in a primary ballet class, or it might be someone in the next level down from you! You know that there are certain dancers at your studio that you look up to, yet you don’t always pay attention to know that younger dancers look up to you just as you look up to others! Always continue to strive to do your very best and set good examples and most importantly…. Never forget that you are a shining star, inspiring people each and every day. 🙂 Shine your light and light the way, you just might make someone’s day! 😉