Dream Big


Most people find themselves saying, “good luck with that!” or, “only in my dreams.” In this case, they are not willing to dream big and do everything that they possibly can to accomplish something. In fact, it is just a simple excuse to not try! They think a big goal impossible and is never going to happen, yet they don’t realize that every success starts with a dream. If you walk around thinking that a dream is too big to reach or that something is never going happen, then you will not be very successful. A dream is simply a start to a success, and without dreams, nothing will ever happen in life. Every successful person you could ever think of once had a dream, and with determination and confidence, made it happen. Don’t be afraid to dream big, and don’t be afraid to have goals that may not be easy to reach! A goal can be met, and possibilities can be made. You just have to open your eyes and look a little further… What is your dream?


A Family Reunion


I am back home from my family reunion and will be returning to regular posting this week. It has been an exciting, yet tiring week for me! I was able to be with my great grandmother and celebrate her 90th birthday, and spend time with lots of my distant family members. It was crazy to see some of my cousins that I haven’t seen in five years and aunts that live far away from home! Time goes by so quickly and everyone keeps growing up by the second! Never take time for granted, because you can’t get it back! I am exhausted from the long traveling and it is great to be home! 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!!!! WE ALL LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

Listen To Your Body


One thing that is very important to remember in the dance world is, you have to listen to your body. If your body is telling you to stop or not to do something, don’t do it! If you ever injure yourself, don’t go and do a big jump or push it too far in a ballet class two or three days later because you ‘feel a little better.’ You are putting yourself in danger of reinjuring yourself. I know that sitting out in a dance lesson may not be fun or enjoyable, but if you push it too far, you have to sit out twice as long because you injured yourself all over again. Remember, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY… it might not always be what you want, but you are protecting yourself from further injury. All in all, you will be back to dancing a lot sooner if you do. 😉

The Showcase


The showcase was this afternoon, and I was a little disappointed with my dancing. I know that the audience probably didn’t notice any of my mistakes, but deep inside, I know that I could have done better… I felt that I was very nervous, not because of the audience, but simply of falling! The stage felt like wax, and if you simply put your foot on it, your foot would slide with no problem. I think that I was holding back my fast turns for  ballet in fear of falling, and I am regretting that I had done that. Sometimes the only obstacle that you are faced with is fear. Like I had mentioned in my older post, fear is your biggest obstacle. Other than that, I felt that the show was very successful for less than three weeks in preparation! I have been working so hard on my arabesque for the show and I hope that it  paid off! What do you think? 🙂

Summer Showcase Dress Rehersal


We have been very busy at the studio preparing for a whole show in less than three weeks. The show is scheduled for tomorrow and almost all of the dances aren’t even finished, so we have been put under a lot of pressure of picking up choreography quickly. Today we did a dress rehearsal and ran through the whole showcase of both, finished and unfinished dances. I really like some of the dances choreography and found that some of the modern pieces were very interesting. It is kind of hard to adapt to such a different style of dance, because I am so use to ballet, but I really like how you are almost able to apply real feeling and emotion into the dances. You are less focused on perfection and more focused on the emotion and abstract quality of the dance. I think that the run-through went very well today, besides the small, simple errors, I think that we are ready. (Other than the dressing room mess…. we need to be better at that… 🙂 hahaha) From ballet, to contemporary, to modern, to contemporary ballet, to variations, I am so ready for tomorrows performance, and I am looking forward to it!