All because of a FRIEND


Knowing that someone is always there to catch you when you fall is assuring as life is filled with unpredictable roads and cliffs. With one wrong slip, you find yourself descending into a canyon of empty thoughts. When you finally reach the bottom, you realize that you are trapped, and you ask yourself what steps you should take to begin the climb. You stand there. Motionless. Suddenly, you are offered a helping hand… Together, you reach the top of the mountain. Together, you overcome all of life’s problems… all because of a friend...

Feeling thankful today for the

really great people

in my life who

encourage me to defeat the

negative thoughts that somehow

discover the way into my head. With the

support of true friends, positivity always prevails!

Christmas Acrostic


(Photo taken of the wreath on the fireplace)

Christmas is a

Holiday full of

Rejoice and celebration. For, 

It is the Birthday of our 

Savior; Jesus Christ.

Today, we must honor Him and His

Mother, Mary for their faith

And trust in the Lord. We

Shall pray and live today in peace and be Joyous.

*Merry Christmas to all of my precious followers and readers. Wishing you all a glorious day… I will be out of town for this upcoming week, so I will not be able to post until I return. Therefore, I am sending you special New Year wishes to all of you as well. 😉 I will see you all again January 2017.