Senior Year!


I am officially a senior… I feel really old when I say that, and it sounds a little freaky if I’m honest. I still can’t believe that I have actually come this far, but I know that my journey is only just beginning as I decide where I want to go from here. Auditions for professional dance companies are quickly filling up my calendar, and college applications, research, and tours are going to keep me busy for the next several months. I have reached a very confusing and stressful time in my life as I make major life-decisions that will determine my entire future in both dance and school.


The possibilities seem endless as I attempt to narrow down the perfect fit for me and figure out what I truly want to do with my life. For years, I had always seemed to know exactly what I wanted and thought I had a plan to get there. However, I am quickly realizing that life is much more complicated than I once thought because things are constantly changing, and new opportunities are always arising. Out of seventeen years, I think this just might be the biggest and most determining one yet…


Here’s to another awesome year, new memories, and lovely faces. School has officially begun, and I am almost to the finish line for high school graduation. I just have to get through a few more classes…This will be definitely not be an easy year, but it is SENIOR YEAR so bring it on!! I am ready, so let’s do this!

What was your senior year like? Do you have any tips to narrow down universities? What have you been up to lately? Thanks for reading!


new season

This week marks the beginning of a brand new season, and I am so excited for all of the amazing adventures that await. This is a very big year for me because I am a senior in the professional-trainee division, so this will be my final year with the academy. I have made so many great memories throughout the past five years, and I am so thankful for all of the wonderful opportunities that have had. The fact is, I am not certain where my future in dance leads because job contracts are so competitive. As much as I would love to dance in a company, nothing is guaranteed, so I am going to embrace every moment that I have in the studio this year. I am not going to complain about the fatigue, the stress, the aching muscles, the blistered toes, and the long rehearsal days… I am just going to dance my heart out, and enjoy doing what I love.

The Nutcracker, Don Quixote, Professional Mixed Rep, Mulan, “an unwritten story,” and Night of Variations are all scheduled to take the stage, and I cannot wait to begin preparing for these productions. I know that this will be an incredibly busy season, but it will certainly be one to remember. I hope that you join me for another great year…

Thanks for reading!

Audition Season

Audition season officially began for me today as I attended my very first audition of the year. As numbers are pinned onto leotards and judges sort through application papers, it is quite nerve wracking. At my age, directors are looking beyond summer intensive acceptance, and they are taking company positions into consideration…

You only have one class to show the judges what you can do. That one class might be worth major scholarship money to pay for an entire summer of training, and it can give you a reputation for a potential job! As stressful as it can be, it is so neat to take master classes from different ballet directors, and I love experiencing their unique teaching style. I am so grateful that they take so much time to tour around the country to host these auditions. In the end, I try not to worry about the results or my future as a dancer because I know that God has a plan for me. If this is what I am meant to do, I will be at the right company at the right time… It will all work out how it is suppose to. Good luck to all of my readers who are auditioning this season!

“The person who worries reveals his lack of trust in God and that he is trusting too much in self.”

~Lee Roberson

Photo Credits: The wonderful, Ms. Carol. Thank you so much for these!

Summary on Sunday


Due to my lack of posts, I have done you all are great favor and pretty much summed up everything from this past week into categories so that I don’t bore you with my rambling…. ๐Ÿ™‚

Auditions- I received my results back from the Sarasota Ballet, and I made it into their summer intensive program!! In addition, I completed my very last summer intensive audition for this season today.. It was for the Chautauqua ballet, and similar to Boston, it is INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT to get into. I am not expecting anything, but I am praying that I make it.

Sweet 16 Party- Last night, I went to my good friend’s sweet 16 birthday party!! It was so much fun, and I loved celebrating with sweets and dancing.

Upcoming- My newest sibling is due in TWO WEEKS and my birthday follows exactly 3 days after… Nonetheless, rehearsals for a dance festival, competitions, Beauty and the Beast, and a night of variations showcase are all yet to come!! This season isn’t over yet!!

Enjoy the Super Bowl 2017 tonight!!!!!!!! Sorry for such rambling! I am hoping that I will be able to keep up with posting more in the future. Thanks for your patience; I appreciate all of my wonderful supporters and followers here on Maysa Rose. ๐Ÿ™‚

Coppelia Day 1!

We have finally reached performance weekend!!!! Today is going to be Day 1 of Copellia, and we are all looking forward to it! The acting in this ballet is so fun, and I feel like I am really able to connect with the characters that I am portraying. Nonetheless, this is going to be the very first production that I have ever been casted as a soloist, so I am thrilled to be given the chance to step a little further than ‘my usual’ and show the audience who I really am as an artist. I wish every dancer good luck this show and I cannot wait to watch all of our hard work come together. Enjoy this weekend everybody!!!!!!

*Also, for those of you interested… MY RESULTS CAME IN FOR BOSTON BALLET YESTERDAY, AND I HAVE MADE THE WAITING LIST!!! This intensive is incredibly difficult to get into, so I was shocked to know that I am being ‘considered’! I should find out my final results March 17th… I will update you all when I get the final response. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I also auditioned for the Sarasota Ballet last week, so I should receive those results shortly as well.

Nashville Audition

The good ol’ 17 ๐Ÿ˜‰

I think the hardest part about auditions, is not necessarily the dancing, but simply waiting to get the results back…

I attended the Nashville Ballet’s summer intensive audition today!!!ย  I should find out the results in just a few weeks…ย  Next weekend I will attend the Boston Ballet audition, followed by master classes, more auditions, rehearsals, and performances packing my schedule full until the 30th…ย  I will keep you all ‘posted’ each step of the way, (literally) ๐Ÿ™‚

Audition Season…


There is nothing more stress relieving than being hours away from reality… Hours away from school, dance, worries, anything on your mind…. Visiting a place of paradise that only traveling can offer…

But as we know, “all good things must come to an end” and life picks up right where it was left.. I’ve got an extremely busy week ahead! Get ready for a serious roller coaster! Readers, we have entered audition season!!! ๐Ÿ™‚