Nutcracker Casting 2018!


A few days ago, the casting for this year’s production of The Nutcracker was released. My friends and I had been discussing the possibilities for weeks now, and we had all been anxiously waiting to find out if our predictions were accurate.. I have been cast as a maid, the snow queen, and marzipan. I had never imagined that I would have been selected for these roles, and I am incredibly thankful.

The enchanted forest of snow has always been one of my favorite scenes out of the entire ballet, and I am absolutely honored to have been cast as the queen. I had always hoped that I would perform marzipan someday, but I never expected it to be so soon…

My very first rehearsal is Tuesday. Wish me luck! ūüôā


Grande Finale

This weekend, we took our final bow for the 2017-18 season, and it was a very bittersweet moment… This season was filled with so many incredible opportunities that I never imagined I would ever receive, and it is crazy to think that it is already over.

Heartwarming memories from my very first principal role from Snow Queen overwhelmed me…

The 4 Little Swan choreography from Swan Lake washed over me…

Flashbacks from Canary Fairy in Sleeping Beauty made my feet start fluttering…

I remembered how proud I was to see my very own choreography about HOUR LIVES take that stage…

I recalled wearing the bubbly head pieces from a mixed rep show…

Dancing as a poppy in the Wizard of Oz was an experience that I will never forget…

Thank you to all of my followers and supporters who have been there for me through it all! It was a great year. ūüôā

Work in Progress


Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, a new contemporary work by a guest choreographer, as well as trying to recall our modern piece from the previous season (originally set for the college project) has definitely kept us incredibly busy this past week! Now that our long Christmas break is approaching, we are rehearsing long hours to try and put our shows together on time. We will be back onstage very shortly after we return!

*Speaking of Sleeping Beauty, I don’t think that I have revealed the casting yet. I am very pleased to announce that a very good friend of mine will be dancing as Aurora in this magical February production! I am so excited to watch her perform this role and shine her talent under that spotlight. I received the Canary Fairy, peasant corps de ballet, and waltz corps de ballet. There is so much to do, but I am super excited to see this ballet come together. I think that it is going to be a great show!

As of right now, I think I am going to sit back and enjoy this weekend… Where is my hot chocolate and fuzzy blanket? ūüôā The countdown to Christmas has finally begun.

23 Days

Snow Queen Casting!!!!!


I am extremely humbled to share that I have received a principal role in this year’s Christmas production… I will be portraying a girl who looses her brother to the almighty Snow Queen and goes on a frozen adventure to return him home. I Am Gerda. This will be my very first main role in a ballet, so I am incredibly honored to have been trusted with this responsibility.

*This weekend, you will find me in front of the television watching the movie and getting a better understanding of the plot… I know that the ballet may change a bit, but at least I will have the general idea. To be completely honest with you, I have never heard of the Snow Queen until now, so I think that it will be helpful to have at least SOME background knowledge (whether it is 100% accurate or not). Aside from that, I think that it is going to be neat to see how the movie and ballet will differ… Have a great weekend!

Coppelia Casting!


I have some exciting news everyone!!! COPELLIA CASTING IS RELEASED!!!

It seems like everyone is super pleased with their roles for this show; And¬†I have got to mention that I am absolutely¬†thrilled for my best friend, who landed the main role of Swanhilda! The¬†“spring squad”¬†is super proud of you!!

~If you all may be wondering about my personal roles: In the first cast, I will be the Sunset Doll as well as Swanhildas friend. In the second cast, I will be part of both, the Dance of Hours and Czardas corps de ballet.

Rehearsals for this show are already underway, and the performance is scheduled for January!! Not to mention, Nutcracker rehearsals are packing our schedule up tight! What a busy season, so far!

*Photo of me, in rehearsals. Photo credits to Sophia!!!

Results Posted

photo 2.PNG

I have some big news everyone…. I actually made it in to perform The Nutcracker with the Moscow City Ballet!! Yesterday’s audition¬†went great, and I am so thankful to land a role in their incredible performance! I will be dancing as¬†semi-solo¬†snow, with¬†three¬†of my good¬†friends! As I had said in the last post, these next few days are going to be rough… The¬†director is only here for the remainder of this week to teach everyone choreography,¬†so our schedules are now jam packed with¬†rehearsal times.¬†¬†Tonight, I will be in the studio until about 9 o’clock rehearsing.. That is seven hours of non-stop dancing!

I am so proud of this accomplishment, and I am¬†really excited about tonight’s rehearsals… ‘May the dancing begin!’



*Dancers of all ages swarmed the studio hallway, filling it up with anxiety, as they viewed their rolls¬†for the¬†Christmas performance… From nodding of approval to jumping with joy, I think everyone is looking forward to¬†this upcoming¬†production!

The cast list for “The Christmas Carol Ballet”¬†was released this afternoon, and I am quite pleased with the rolls that I have landed this year!¬†From chains and¬†haunting makeup, to heavenly halos and wings; I will be portraying¬†Ghost of Greed in act 1, as well as a Redemption Angel in act 2!¬†I am beyond excited for the show¬†and I can’t wait to begin learning the¬†choreography! ūüôā Lights, Places, CURTAIN! This is only the beginning to an extremely¬†busy season!!!